Private enterprise “Alfa” produces plastic  fittings  used for manufacturing   of coffins  and  crosses. 

 We  provide plastic material  of  the  following  kinds:


-         Orthodox  and  Catholic  crosses with/without crucifix

-         Orthodox and Catholic crucifix  large/small

-         Bars

-         Gerlands

-         Angles

-         Figured and rectangular nameplates ( black/white),  with/without inscription  ( in Russian or Ukrainian)

-         Metal twists  with plastic head ( laying included)

-          Metaloplastic  handles for coffins  ( on screw-bolts and split-pins)

-         Decorative handles for lid

-         Laying for handles

 Fitting may be painted or metalic,   gold/ silver  covering upon request.


Catholic cross with crucifix
Size: 40*18,3 sm
Catholic cross without crucifix
Size: 40*18,3 sm
Orthodox cross
Size: 31,5*14,5 sm

Funeral nameplates

black/white  rectangular sign
Size: 24*15,5 sm
Figured black/ white funeral name plate
Size: 25,5*20 sm
Rectangular black/ white funeral nameplate with ornament
Size: 26*17,5 sm


Narrow bar “figured”
Size: 36,5*2 sm
Narrow bar ”diamond-shape”
Size: 34*2 sm
Narrow bar “rope”
Size: 30,5*1,5 sm


Cross stand
Size: 25,7*12 sm
David’s star
Size: 18*18 sm
Muslim half-moon
Size: 20*18,5 sm


twist “feather” (set)
Size: 5 sm
twist “openwork”   (set)
Size: 5 sm
twist “cross”  (set)
Size: 5 sm


Handle “retro”
Size: 22*11 sm
Handle “modern”
Size: 21*10,5 sm
Handle “ round”
Size: 22*6 sm